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"Tiny Space" is a light puzzle game in the vein of Tetris about stacking as many rocks as possible on a mine cart and pushing it through a small hole at the end of the tracks within a specific time limit.

If the player manages to get the cart through the hole by the end of the timer, the players score is calculated based on how many rocks and what type of rocks successfully stayed on the cart.

Game Loop:

  • Start beside an empty mine cart and a pile of rocks
  • Stack rocks on the cart, while noting the space available for the cart to pass through
  • Once satisfied, push the cart and observe the results as the cart passes through the hole
  • Total score is tallied and the level either resets or progresses to the next stage

How & Why:

  • SHAFT! was created by Jordan Funk and Jessica St-Pierre ( @Clammie )  for a 48 hour game jam in August 2020

Asset Credits:

** All assets obtained for free from the Unity Asset Store. To find these packages, search the following:

 EmaceArt - raft on the desert

  • EmaceArt Free Meadow
  • EmaceArt_LavaPlant
  • Fantasy Wooden GUI  Free

Much appreciation to the talented artists out there who release their hard work for free. 

Install instructions

Download > unzip > enjoy!


SHAFT!.7z 26 MB

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