A downloadable Shepherd Simulation for Windows

Experience the thrilling day to day life as a shepherd. Get as many of your sheep to safety inside their pen before time runs out, or they are carried off by them darn pesky wolves!


- Herd your herd by "gently" guiding them in the right direction with your staff.

- Protect them from wolves with the stones strewn out around the field. 

- Charmingly simple models made from Unit's standard 3D Objects take you away to a much simpler world than our own. 

- THREE increasingly difficult levels to master... ! Brag to your colleagues about your personal high score. 

- THREE different sheep bleats! Keep swinging your staff to hear them all.


A message from THAXTERIA, 

Herd was conceptualized by the same team that created The Death Of Me (Jordan Funk, Nicholas Campoli & Jean-Luc St-Pierre - https://thaxteria.itch.io/the-death-of-me), and put together over the span of a weekend for a school assignment. 

A simple and slightly comical premise, with some interesting paths to take to expand upon the original idea down the road. 

Thanks for playing, and happy herding!

(please feel free to let me know if you encounter any game breaking issues) 

Foliage and Mountains assets credit to INK PHANTOM STUDIO's free asset pack in the Unity Asset Store: https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/3d/environments/free-stylized-nature-envir...

Music and Sound-FX collected from numerous sources @ https://freesound.org/



Herd-TheGame.zip 40 MB

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