Thank you Community!

To all you beautiful people, ( & R_1.3)

Us at Dead Dream's Studio would like to thank you all who played our game for the great feedback, kind words and most importantly your time. This has been all of our first game released to the public, and it has been very cool and surreal watching people we've never met play and react to something we have created and are humbled by the response we've gotten over the past few weeks. 

We all have now returned to school to complete our two semesters of Game Design, so after this small update we will most likely not be returning to make any additional tweaks any time soon as we will be knee deep in assignments and exciting new games! Cheers to those of you who pointed out any issues and gave us constructive feedback. 

STATS: Downloads: 142, Streams: 979, Collections: 48

Thank you, and NEVER GIVE UP!

Dead Dream's Studio

Update R_1.3 notes:

  • Fixed issue where playing a second run would retain previous run's choices. 
  • Fixed a few collision walls that were out of place.
  • Adjusted boss spawn locations in Limbo_3 to prevent player's critical path from being blocked by pursuing boss.
  • Blocked off dead end in the road area in Limbo_3 & 4.
  • A few other minor tweaks 


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Sep 02, 2019

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